Peter Kaltreider ‘Spiral III’ 2016


Peter Kaltreider ‘Spiral III’ 2016 oil on canvas 54″ x 54″


What is authentic life but the burrowing down deep into the interplay between meaning and meaninglessness? Death– spiritual death– lies in either too much meaninglessness or unconsciously applied meaning. Life– and I  mean really living authentically — involves striking down false external meanings (they have been called idols in the past) and courageously weathering the onslaught of meaninglessness in order to create new and authentic meanings from within. And lest these new meanings harden over from living ladders into dead cages, the process must be renewed, so that we are forever going fruitfully into and out of meaning and meaninglessness. Thus life– Life!– is an ever expanding spiral. This painting super-novaed out of that.


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